Stowe Area Association
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The interactive map (below) is the digital version of our Recreation and Historic & Cultural Resources Guides. The map includes recreation activities, historic sites, cultural resources, visitors’ centers, and locations of interpretive panels to guide your journey along the Byway.

Please click on this symbol for instructions and more information: Happy traveling!

Using the Interactive Green Mountain Byway Map

  • The Green Mountain Byway is denoted by the blue line between Waterbury and Stowe.

  • To search for activities, please click on the list button: . A drop down menu offers a selection of activities and points of interest.

  • You can zoom in for more precise locations using the plus and minus buttons found on the bottom right corner of the map. Clicking on each icon brings up information about the activity. Items with a dollar sign in their description require a fee for participation.

  • To share the map, click on this symbol:

  • To view the map in full screen, click on this symbol: . A new tab will open with the map in a larger screen.

  • To view the map with a “satellite” background, click on the image at the bottom left corner: This will change the background of your map, showing topography, structures, and other features.

This map was created using Google Maps. The Green Mountain Byway Steering Committee selected publicly accessible activities to feature on the site. However, private businesses may be listed as a part of the Google Maps feature.