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Sterling Valley and Mud City

23.9 miles long

These are two valleys running south from the crescent of the Sterling Range. Both were once busy farm areas; now only a few active farms remain, but country homes are taking over. What vein of country humor originally accounted for the name "Mud city" we don't know. Today it is just a stretch of dirt road with a few houses.

Sterling Brook is an entrancing stream. Its covered bridge appears to have been rebuilt and strengthened with iron, but its location high above the water is perfect.

  • 0.0 - From the Stowe Visitor Information Center drive north on Route 100.
  • 1.7 - Bear left onto Stagecoach Road.
  • 3.4 - Turn left onto Sterling Valley Road.
  • 6.0 - Turn a sharp right over the covered bridge onto Cole Hill Road.
  • 7.9 - Turn left onto Cole Hill Road.
  • 8.9 – Continue straight on Cole Hill Road.
  • 10.0 - At the stop sign, turn left, crossing the bridge onto Walton Road
  • 10.1 – Take first left onto Mud City Loop Road
  • 11.9 – The road turns to the left here- pass Rooney Road on right.
  • 13.1 – Cross metal bridge.
  • 15.1 – At stop sign turn right onto Cole Hill Road. You now start backtracking a bit.
  • 16.1 – Bear right at the fork onto McKee Road.
  • 16.2 – Bear left at the fork.
  • 17.9 – Cross the covered bridge. Turn hard right. DO NOT go up the hill.
  • 18.6 - Cross the bridge and continue.
  • 18.8 - Note the house on the left that was built over the brook.
  • 19.1 – At the stop sign, turn left onto Moran Loop and cross the bridge.
  • 21.2 – Turn right at the stop sign onto Percy Hill Road.
  • 21.8 - Turn left at the stop sign and head down the hill.
  • 23.2 - Turn left at the stop sign onto Route 108 (Mountain Road).
  • 23.8 - Turn left at the stop sign in the Village, onto Route 100.
  • 23.9 - Stowe Visitor Info Center. End of trip.