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Edson Hill and West Hill

11.1 miles long

This short drive of a little over 10 miles takes you on a circuit of the upland farms to the northwest of Stowe. Fifty years ago most of this land was used for dairy farming. Now much of it is going back to woodland. The old hard maples arching over the road as you start up Edson Hill and down West Hill are a splendid sight, especially when they take on their autumn coloring. If this vista has a familiar look, you saw it in Hitchcock’s “Trouble With Harry” and the “Four Seasons” starring Alan Alda and Carol Burnett. Where the maples end, the view down into the valley, at the village of Stowe and across the Worcester Mountains, is magnificent. The Percy Farm on West Hill welcomes visitors to their Sugar House in the spring to watch them boil sap into maple syrup.

  • 0.0 - From the Stowe Visitor Information center move south
  • 0.5 - Turn right onto Route 108
  • 3.4 - Bear right onto Edson Hill Road
  • 3.9 - Bear left
  • 4.4 - Continue straight
  • 4.7 - Bear right onto Weeks Hill Road
  • 7.5 - Sharp left turn onto Percy Hill Road between house and barn
  • 8.1 - Turn right at fork onto West Hill Road
  • 8.4 - Bear right
  • 10.3 - Right onto Route 100 (just past Shaw’s supermarket)
  • 11.1 - Stowe Visitor Info Center- End of trip