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Stage Coach Road and back to Johnson

30.8 miles long

This route provides a series of superb views as it runs over the high land between Stowe and Johnson. For this reason it is an "out and back" tour except for the loop at the end since there is much to see both going and coming. It starts on the same road as the one to Sterling Valley and Mud City. This is the Old Stage Coach Road between Stowe and Morristown Corners. Like many such it followed the high ground, where there was less mud, spring and fall, and where the construction was easier and cheaper. Most old roads - here and in England - were so built, and may well account for the term "highway". If you take a picnic, you will enjoy eating it on the rocks by the rapids of the Lamoille River, but there is poison ivy hearabouts which you should watch out for. Finally, be careful about crossing the railroad tracks.

  • 0.0 - From the Stowe Visitor Information Center move North on Route 100.
  • 1.7 - Turn left onto Stage Coach Road.
  • 7.4 - Crossroads. Turn left onto Walton Road.
  • 7.7 - Bear left.
  • 8.2 - Bear right over bridge. Stay on same road.
  • 8.3 - Bear right.
  • 9.2 - Bear left and go up hill.
  • 9.9 - Bear left.
  • 12.6 - Turn right. Go down hill past graveyard.
  • 13.0 - Rapids on right after the bridge.
  • 14.0 - Bear left at the stop sign.
  • 14.9 - Cross railroad tracks.
  • 15.1 - Notice the house across the road (some unusual Vermont architecture). Turn right and go over the iron bridge.
  • 15.4 - Turn right onto Route 15 East. You are now in the Village of Johnson.
  • 15.5 - Johnson Woolen mills is on the left.
  • 19.9 - Bear right leading to the Village of Hyde Park.
  • 20.2 - The Hyde Park Opera House is on your left.
  • 20.4 - Turn right, and go over the railroad dry bridge (one lane).
  • 21.3 - This is the Village of Cady's Falls. Notice the one-room schoolhouse on the right.
  • 21.8 - Bear right on to the Stagecoach Road.
  • 23.1 - Go straight through the Morristown Four Corners.
  • 28.9 - Go straight onto Route 100 South.
  • 30.8 - Stowe Visitor Info Center. End of trip.