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Fishing in Stowe is Booming

This decade has seen Stowe experience a remarkable renaissance of one of man's oldest pastimes - the timeless art of fishing. Visitors and locals alike can find guided fishing tours by esteemed local guides at Catamount Fishing Adventures and the Fly Rod Shop.


Movement Among Local Anglers to Rebuild and Re-enhance Local Fisheries

Private reclamation projects along the banks of the famous Lamoille and Winooski Rivers, the extensive stocking programs of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife department and the explosive growth of "catch and release" have helped the art of flyfishing flourish in Stowe.

Fall Foliage Scenic Boat Trips

While enjoying the unique views along the shoreline you will have many wildlife sighting opportunities. There are many Whitetail deer inhabiting the Mount Mansfield State forest along with the surrounding area. You may be lucky enough to see a deer drinking along the shoreline or better yet, one swimming across. Try a trip this fall with the Fly Rod Shop.

Try Ice Fishing this Winter

There are many ponds and lakes which offer excellent ice fishing. Check out one of Fly Rod Shop's ice fishing tours or the special ice fishing program this winter at Catamount Fishing Adventures.

Fishing for Everyone

Whether avid angler or not, there's something for everyone. Casting clinics are offered which teach wannabe fishermen the basics of the subtle art of placing a fly delicately out on the surface of a pond or stream where a trout might soon rise to the lure.

Guided tours are offered to all sorts of proven locations. The subtleties of fishing dictate a need for extensive local knowledge of where and what the fish are biting. Local guides are eager to take beginner to advanced anglers to various streams to test their skills.

Variety of Fishing Venues an Eyeopener

One day you can be working the upper tributaries of the Lamoille River and a day later casting from a float tube onto Sterling Pond located at the very top of Smuggler's Notch. You might be fishing on Wolcott Pond or from Lake Eden but no matter where you go, you will enjoy being there. Savor the experience of drifting serenely along the edge of a pristine pond located almost 4000' above sea level. Afterall, there's more to fishing than just catching fish.