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Stowe is home to a large trail network for all levels of riders. Riders will find many well maintained trails throughout the area.

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Mountain Bike Private Lesson: $99, 2 hrs. + $30 ea. additional person
Mountain Bike Group Lesson: $65, 2 hrs. Minimum 2 people
Mountain Bike Guide Service: $120, 2 hrs. Up to 6 riders + $50 ea. add. hr.
Bike + Brew Tours: $189, 3 hrs. Mtn biking, Lunch, 3 -4 Breweries. Minimum 4 people

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Stowe Town Loops

As part of the Cady Hill Forest, these trails are for Intermediate-Advanced Riding. You will encounter roots, rocks, boardwalks and bridging. The trails are renowned for their moderately technical design, limited elevation gain or loss, and high-speed flowing singletrack.

There are 3 routes: Blue, Yellow, and Red:

Blue begins at the end of the parking lot and finish on the Mountain Road. Time: 45 mins to 1.5 hours

Yellow slightly easier and shorter than the Blue route.

Red (most technical) start by following the Blue Route and make a left at the power lines, following the red blazes. Charlie's Trail starts when you cross the stone wall and will bring out to Cady Hill Road. Climb the road and at the intersection at the top is a right turn onto Zog. Follow the blazed back and loop back in at the power line. Time: 1.5-2.5 hours.

Access: Across from AJ's Sporting Goods and Skiershop. The trail ends at Mountain Road across from Town & Country Resort. The ride can be extended by looping back through.

Adams Camp

The Adams Camp property is open to the public for a number of non-motorized recreational activities including mountain biking.

Access: Primary Access is off of Ranch Brook Road. Either park at the Matterhorn and pedal in or drive to the new bridge. Find the bridge by leaving the Matterhorn parking lot and go north - towards mtn - make a left into Heyers and a quick right onto the Ranch Brook Rd. Follow past the little red house and stay on dirt road to bridge. Ranch Brook Road is an old class 4 road, you may be much more comfortable pedaling in from the Matterhorn. 

Cady Hill Forest Trails

The Cady Hill Forest property consists of 320 acres comprised of three parcels of land including the Stowe Town Loops referred to above. An estimated that 11 miles of single track and double track trail currently exist on the property and is regularly used for non-motorized recreational activities including: hiking, biking, running, hunting, Nordic skiing and snowshoeing.  The trail system contains critical linkages to trails on Macutchan Town Forest, trails extending south to Shaw Hill Road in Moscow and trails extending east to Stowe High School.

Access: The parking area located across from Town & Country Resort. Trails can also be accessed from the end of Cady Hill Road and the parking area behind Iride off Mountain Road.

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Beginners can ride through the meadows on logging/access roads. The starting point is at the intersection of Nebraska Valley Road. From the first parking lot head toward the road and drop into the field on the right side. There are some beautiful meadows to ride through and if you poke around, you will find a path (walk the bike) that will bring you to some local swimming holes.

Beginners can also ride the dirt road. About a mile in you will find another smaller parking area where the road to the right is gated. c Take the left and ride down to the canoe access point. There are some meadows and some nice fishing spots too!

Intermediate/Advanced riders looking for a workout can access Fire Road by following the dirt road out and continue beyond the gate. This is over 5 miles of climbing. Not technically challenging but it offers an excellent workout. There is a single track that will bring you back on the left side or a rider can merely turn around and return!

Access: Access at Cottonbrook Road off of Nebraska Valley Road. Parking is on right.

Trapp Family Lodge

The trails at the Trapp Family Lodge are considered to be some of the best in the area. These trails are for all levels of riders, but especially nice for beginning riders. As well, the trails connect with the network in Stowe, so there is somethign for everyone.

Currently there are 8 miles of single track and 20 miles of double-track. Trapp Family Lodge also has a fully equipped bike shop, offering rentals, instruction and guide service. There is also a fun new Skills Park too. Trail fee is currently $10 per day.

: Visit the Outdoor Center at the Trapp Family Lodge.

Sterling Valley

There are 4 trails associated with the Sterling Valley network with a good assortment of easy to challenging trails. The Sterling Valley parking lot is at the very end of Sterling Valley Road, right after the left turn onto Sterling Gorge Road. It is well marked with a big sign.

Maple Run Road: Easy dirt road ride. This is an out and back ride. For easy riding do not go beyond the intersection with Billings Road (first major intersection).

ACCESS: From the Sterling Valley parking lot, drop down the road and make a right towards Sterling Gorge. Go over the bridge and make a right into the field. Continue past the pond and at the end of the field continue on the dirt road.

Sterling Valley: A solid intermediate ride is to do the 8 bridges trail and then circle back and do the Split Rock Trail. Time: 1.5-2.5 hours.

ACCESS: Start your ride in the Sterling Valley parking lot at the end of Sterling Valley Road.

Split Rock Trail: An intermediate trail. Follow the green arrows to complete the loop. Time: 45 mins to 1 hour

Access: From the Sterling Valley parking lot head back down Sterling Valley Road. At the end of the first hill there is a logging road on the left side of the road turn here and head up the trail. About 100 yards up you will find the trail starting on the left side of the logging road. Follow the green arrows and complete the loops.

8 Bridges Trail: This trail is a bit easier than Split Rock due to less climbing.

Access: From the Sterling Valley parking lot, drop down the road and make a right towards Sterling Gorge. Go over the bridge and make a right into the field. Continue past the pond and at the end of the field continue on the dirt road. At the first intersection, make a right turn and climb to the first left turn and follow the Catamount trail markers. This trail will cross 8 bridges and then connect with Billings Road. Make a left at Billings Rd and at the next intersection, make a right turn onto Maple run Road, bringing you in a complete loop.

Lauren's Loop: Advanced trail, more climbing and technical sections.

Note: On the initial climb, there is a great little detour at the "Peak-A-View" sign. This is one of the most unique vantage points in Stowe, before looping back to the same intersection (bring your lungs for this one!).

Access: Take the 8 Bridges Trail and at the intersection of Billings Rd., make a right and climb. Continue until the climb crests, going past the Lauren's Loop sign. At the intersection, keep bearing right and climb a steep pitch. At top, take the next obvious left into the single track; be prepared for rocky technical sections, and one medium sized drop with a ride-around. Continue on the trail until you meet up with the double-track and turn right onto Billings Road.

Waterbury/Perry Hill

These trails are considered intermediate to advanced with some of the best and more challenging trails in the area. There is a very big climb from the start, but well worth the effort.

There are 4 marked loops in this sytem:

Yellow (aka Campground to First Born) the easiest of the trails and located on the lower section of the network.

Red (aka Joe's) Climb nearly to the top of the network following the red blazes. Once at top you will enjoy a fun and challenging downhill including roll downs, drops, rock spines and a rock chute.

Green (aka Permission) follow the trail to the top of the network staying on the Green trail as it veers off. This climb brings you to the very top of the network here you will drop down one of the local favorite downhill trails (Burning Spear). This will bring you back to the top of the first main double track climb. You can either loop back to Joe's (veer right and climb) or look for the Blue trail on the leftfor more single track downhill.

Blue (aka Rastaman) Follow the Blue blazes straight up from the parking lot to about the half way point in the network, drop in is on the right. This will bring you to the bottom of the network with many fast rooty sections, several narrow high bridges and a few steep off camber side hill sections. A steep climb at the end will bring you back into the network just above the first climb. Ridden in succession with the Green trail (burning spear), this is the longest downhil in the network.

Access: Trail begins halfway down the Ice Arena road in Waterbury. There is a parking lot on the right side of the road, trail headacross and over the rail road tracks and then under the interstate up into the trail network.

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