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Spas, wellness and beautyIn 1974, Harvard Medical School physician Herbert Benson published his now-classic bestseller, The Relaxation Response. Produced by daily meditation, the relaxation response itself is a peaceful, restorative, restful state that induces serenity and improves health.

Visitors and residents alike know that there is a similar effect, affectionately referred to as the "Stowe Response," that is produced by extended stays at Vermont's most famous mountain resort town. The Stowe Response is a peaceful, restorative, restful state that induces serenity, improves health, and rejuvenates stressed-out bodies and minds. People begin strolling instead of striding, chatting instead of speed-talking, and smiling a whole lot more.

Multiple factors produce the Stowe Response. Vermont itself is one. National Geographic Traveler recently ranked Vermont number six in the entire world in its "Index of Destination Stewardship," which included criteria like environmental and ecological quality, social and cultural integrity, condition of historic buildings and archaeological sites, aesthetic appeal, quality of tourism management and outlook for the future.

SaunaStowe epitomizes those qualities. With only about 4,300 permanent residents, Stowe offers classic Vermont small-town quiet, slow pace, and friendliness. The town is surrounded by pure, serenity-inducing nature: majestic Green Mountains, burbling streams, rolling meadows, peaceful paths and trails. It is also the home to many wonderful businesses who can offer you refreshment and relaxation in the form of massages, spa treatments, salon specialties, an array of health clubs and classes in fitness, yoga and pilates. In addition, Stowe has been hosting visitors for over 200 years, so those who own and operate the town's 60 lodges, 50 restaurants, and 70 unique shops know exactly how to help newcomers achieve the Stowe Response.

All in all, for a vacation experience that restores and rejuvenates, the Stowe Response is just what the doctor ordered!