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Best Rate Guaranteed

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A Totally Unique Experience

99% of what's in Stowe doesn't exist anywhere else

Meetings and conferencesStowe can truly say it has a character all its own. Every shop, inn, and hotel from the smallest to the largest is original, independently owned and operated. There is not a single chain store in town, and not a chain restaurant in sight.

The ambiance in Stowe is pure Americana, with covered bridges, church steeples and flags fluttering over Main Street, all surrounded by miles of magnificent New England landscapes. That said, as hosts we've spent 200 years bringing the best of all worlds to this one place.

Amid this idyllic American experience, your guests can enjoy stellar cuisine from Asia, Europe, and Latin America . Awash in Old World charm, they will find the most modern facilities and amenities for work and play. And, weaved into a rugged and rustic backdrop you will discover oasis after oasis of unmatched luxury.